State Germany
Existing of Ethical code ☐ Yes

☒ No

Note: The Deutscher Richterbund has deliberately chosen not to draft guidelines or codes of conduct in terms of professional ethics. Instead, it adopts those values in its theses on the professional ethics of judges and public prosecutors which distinguish self-aware and responsible judges and public prosecutors. A final canon of values does not exist in this context.

In April 2013, the Federal Assembly of Representatives of the German Association of Judges adopted the discussion paper “Ethics of judges in Germany – Theses on the discussion of professional ethics in judges and public prosecutors in the German Association of Judges”. In doing so, it was deliberately avoided formulating guidelines or a “code”. Rather, it is about those values ​​that characterize the profession and characterize a self-confident and responsible judge or public prosecutor.

Number of Ethical codes ☐ For judges

☐ For prosecutors

☒ For both legal professions


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