Vote of thanks


We would like to express our true gratitude to the Jury that took part in the Semi Final D, Ethics and Professional Conduct of Themis Competition 2022 not only for their positive feedback on our piece of work, but also for the special award granted to the team for its innovative approach in creating the Ethics Platform. We are inclined to believe that the audience’s wild applause and the Jury’s award mark the future in the existence of the Judicial Ethics Platform. We are enormously grateful for the considerable trust that our colleagues placed in us and for the impetus we received from the Jury and from the other participants in the Competition.

The Jury was:

  1. Cristina San Juan Serrano (UNODC)
  2. Christa Christensen (judge in UK)
  3. Goran Selanec (judge of the Constitutional Court of Croatia)


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