On 17th of November, our team had the golden opportunity to meet young judicial professionals from all over Europe thanks to the AIAKOS Exchange Programme, organized by the National Institute of Justice (Bulgaria), which  took place in the facility of the Institute. We managed to not only exchange ideas with our foreign colleagues over magistrates’ future e-presence and the difficulties associated with this presence in accordance to the hurdles of today`s electronic world , but we also had the chance to present them with our treasure – the new ethical platform that has been created, namely:
It was our pleasure to realize how magistrates from different cultures perceive differently a particular ethical issue such as bizarre magistrates’ haircuts, tattoos and piercings, plastic surgery and other striking examples, and therefore respond accordingly to the problem.
Drinking a glass of red wine at lunchtime is regarded as quite a normal activity for France and Italy, let ‘say, but our colleagues from Hungary had a different point of view. Some representatives of the judiciary aired the view that magistrates should not be looked down on if they had gone under an aesthetic plastic surgery, whereas others argued that the truth is in the opposite direction, because this kind of “enhancement” is generally associated with the pop-folk culture, especially for the Balkan countries. The topics were very inquisitive and applicable for our daily routine, thus we enjoyed a very heated up conversation.
A great deal of questions were raised. We believe that indeed this is the core idea of our platform (our so called “Plane tree”) – to be a place for a debate, where magistrates can exchange opinions, ideas and beliefs – a safeguard that is inclined to give them a hand in the exhausting process of adjusting their social appearance to the highly demanding concept of an ethical judge with enchanting professional conduct.
The positive conclusions drawn after the event and the fruitful feedback received from the participants are visible even on the photos of the participants in the AIAKOS Exchange Programme 2022. Some of the pleasant captured moments, you see down below:

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